About The Artist

I am a self-taught artist. I usually enjoy not knowing the "rules" because of the freedom it allows. I just love this art thing! It's so much fun to be one of the nomadic artists who set up little temporary communities at art shows each weekend in the summer.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in music from Binghamton University and a Master of Science degree in Child, Family, and Community Studies from Syracuse University. I did take a drawing course and a sculpture course along the way, but that's about it for my formal art training. I started painting in 1994, making decorative "welcome" signs,etc. In 2001, I went through a rapid evolution and began painting portraits and seascapes. I have settled into (for now) creating fantasy, fairy tale paintings and The Cranky Cat Collection ™.

My family members (husband, twin daughters, and cats) often serve as art consultants and models ("Come here and let me look at your nose"). We live in central New York State, near Lake Ontario. The long winters are conducive to intensive painting. In spring, the annual battle ensues between "I want to go out and play" and "I need to paint something".

Thanks! - Cindy Schmidt

Here are some customer quotes (It's all about ME!!)

"Cindy, your beautifully designed, vibrant, and whimsical cards are a huge hit in my shop - thank you!" - Jan of Jan Peyser Jewelry, Plymouth, IN

"This is the most vibrant and colorful print! I LOVE IT! Cynthia (the artist) is wonderful to buy from! Great communication, fast service, BEAUTIFUL art! She will remain on my 'favorite sellers' list forever!"

"I love the Cranky Cat Collection!!! Fish Soup is the yummiest yet. Thanks!"

"INCREDIBLE! LOVE IT! Even my 'cranky' husband loves it and he is VERY fussy!"

"Absolutely wonderful! Beautiful! What more can I say! Professional service and quick shipping ~ Thank you!!!!"

"The print was a big hit, wonderful gift. Thanks for all your help and support when we thought the P.O. had lost the package."

"Beautiful cannot properly describe the richness of the art or the professional quality."

"Yippee! These kitties are great. I'm so happy! Cranky Cats ROCK!"

"Dear Cindy: Of all the artists on eBay, I most love watching to see what you have painted. This painting is beautiful and I love your Shoes of the Deep series and your fishy trees and your fishy weathervane. I was just telling my husband, of all the artists on eBay, you have a unique vision and it is wonderful to see. Best wishes."

"Utterly beautiful! I almost don't want to give it away. Super fast shipping and wonderful communication. Couldn't have asked for more. Thanks!"

"Wow! Was I ever impressed with the Cranky Cat art collection! You are such a talented person! I went to your website and I'm going to tell everyone I know!"